Art Therapy

Traumatic memories are non-verbal, situational, emotional and sensory experiences, and it is difficult for the client to talk about those experiences. These memories often generate high anxiety when directly discussed in the session.

Many verbal and non-verbal methods when using art in session support the successful neurobiological processing of the client's traumatic memory.

My clients are often amazed by the depth and the improvements they achieve through art.

Please note that you don't need artistic skills to engage with art, as we will focus on the process and not on the final art product.

  • Self-expression, grounding & relaxation

  • Clarifying feelings

  • Gaining insights from what you didn't know

  • Making you feel connected in mind and body by integrating both brain hemispheres

  • Addressing trauma gently and effectively, in a less threatening way

  • Increasing creativity that leads to new solutions in life

Art in Session is a valuable technique that helps with: